1. Half Naked

From the recordings RETROSPECTIVE and Half Naked

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Takes a virus to inspire us
And make us even more desirous
Of a life that knows no bounds
Like a child I’m beguiled
I wanna live like Oscar Wilde
In the mist of psychedelic sounds
But alas I’ll probably pass
May have eaten too much grass
It’s up to you to engage
Not afraid to be unmade
Just unwilling to let it fade
When my stamina belies my age

You found me half naked and half asleep
Too willing to fake it so I don’t cut too deep
A gift of repose you’re willing to keep
After being exposed as a vulnerable creep
You found me half naked

Takes a village for us to pillage
No avoiding the spillage
When everyone joins in
I’m a feeder and a leader
And when I turn on the heater
The cold melts into sin

It’s hard to like the story when you know how it ends
Resolve stands firm while confusion bends